About the Author


Brian O

Early years

Born in South Ruislip (pron. RYE-slip), London, UK, 1954 to a US military father. At the age of 2 we relocated back to the US.

My Father was a Lifelong United States Air Force Microbiologist who traveled overseas and participated in a retrieval operation of unknown purpose in the early 1960s.

Once he had crossed the Chinese border and retrieved what he was sent there for, he was then stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, California, in the Microbiology Lab from 1964-1968. Once that tour was completed he was transferred to a hardened and secure facility in Texas 1968-1972.

He passed away from less than proper causes in 2001, and the body was immediately cremated without my consent.

Up until age 18, I had never lived away from military installations until I was returned to the UK in 1964 to attend public school near London for a year. During the course of dependent military living, I spent more time in libraries reading than outside playing as a child.

I simply had to digest everything I could get my hands on – world history; the sciences; mechanics; engineering; up to and beyond even science fiction with a bent on the search for hidden information buried within each of these separate disciplines.

Likewise I had spent a term in the United States Air Force during the Viet Nam War from the early 70’s to the end of the war.

I attended college in Texas for 2 years (1972 & 1980) before walking away from the education system completely.

During all of this time I had been collecting traces and pieces of stories I had seen, heard, and witnessed, that had no probable need other than that they existed.

Upon the inception of the personal computer, I purchased my first desktop about 1989-90 and proceeded to literally comb the planet for every piece of information I could find,
including reports, records, databases, as well as contacting people from all over the world across what at that time was the independent BBS system – a network of private servers connected only by phone modems and bulletin boards (BBS – bulletin board system).

On the advent of the internet, this work expanded to include data collection, and further reports and records acquisition of information that was not available in hard print books or public documents.

The Book of Man

Completed in 2009, The Book of Man was the culmination and collation of all of this information collected throughout the previous 40+ years. The storyline follows these existing records, told in third person and starts millions of years ago and far away from this planet.

Though some may find these stories almost science fiction in nature, it is supported by scientific facts and tied together with historical precedents.

Technically, the book is not science fiction, but rather an historical record – one that has not been put together or told in one sequence ever before.

It is truly the first of its kind anywhere and as such stands alone in the world of alternative historical information.

The Book of Man: Ascension

Part two of the first book (currently in production at this time) picks up where the first book ends, and continues the storyline up to the present day.

It will cover a lot of known and some unknown historical knowledge about this planet, the human species, what is going on here, why it is going on, and where this path is leading to.

Production of the film series will be delivered one chapter at a time as the book is written.