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The Book of Man ASCENSION: Exhibit Five

  COMING SOON Promo Soundtrack Fog from the album Charms by Sergey Cheremisinov Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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Well my friends . . . . . There were four very gracious contributors who stepped forward and allowed us to reopen not only the entire account, but we went PRO in the process. This is a banner day good … Continue reading

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The Book of Man & Vimeo account

Hi my good friends. It appears the Vimeo account has passed the update/upgrade point, and Vimeo has arbitrarily removed the first eight chapters of The Book of Man videos. According to the last time I spoke with their staff, the … Continue reading

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A Dirge for YouTube

Gravity Freefalling. author UNKNOWN @ Since I started my first YouTube account eight years ago (and a few others since), there has always been an uphill struggle with those wonderful folks (YT sarcasm) in trying to simply do what … Continue reading

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