The Book of Man


excerpt from “Calls and Echoes”
from the Album Calls and Echoes
by Kai Engel

We don’t know where they came from. And we don’t know why they came.

But we do know where they were going. And we finally know their objective.

by Brian O

All Rights Reserved © 2010-2014


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The Book of Man on Vimeo

The Book of Man: ASCENSION

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No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or in any manner regardless of medium without permission in writing from and digitally authenticated by the author or appropriate agent. The resemblance of any character, characters, or groups of characters to any person or groups of persons living or dead is purely conditional.

Neither the United States government (or any other known or as yet unknown government) nor any agency thereof, any religious or semi-religious entities, non-governmental agencies, financial institutions, registered, unregistered or corporate agencies or subsidiaries of aforementioned corporate entities, nor any of their employees, associates, partners, and/or relatives, assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or prior knowledge of any information disclosed herein.

The views and opinions of the author expressed herein does not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States government or any agency receiving funding thereof, or likewise any individual or individuals receiving grant funding from any other known or unknown institution or groups of institutions.

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from Brian O

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Prequel to The Book of Man



The Founders

Coming in 2019


excerpt from “Eternity”
from the album Monuments of Mars

Composed and performed
by Mark Dwane

Used by permission

Mark Dwane


Note:  Still awaiting word from the publisher to come in and sign off on proofs of the first edition of The Book of Man publication

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Day 7: Publication

02 man_drinking_at_bar

Yes, there is a little angst here.

I just got off the phone with the publisher, I suppose mostly out of nervousness and more for prodding than anything else.

They need a few more days to edit the final proof for typeface errors (if any) and they will call me in to the office in a couple of days for first proofs.

I am sure things are going such as things go.

In the meantime, all I can do at the moment is either continuing to pace the floor a few days longer, or my usual waiting game – having a few drinks (just a few).

Until then, hang in there folks. In the grand scheme of things I am of the mind that good things come to those that wait.

At least – that’s the phrase and I am sticking to it.

Cheers for now – Brian


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Day 1: Publication



dog Vodafone-Dog-New-Funny-Wallpaper-Free-Pug-Face-Dog-Photo

Just arrived home from the publisher.

The above picture is my face after handing over all the Book of Man materials to total strangers.

Needless to say, it went very well. We went over the layouts, internal and external.

The best news was I will have print ready proofs by the end of this week. We could be looking at first print the following Monday-ish.

The cover will be da bomb. Period.

There may be some final page layout nudging involved, but I am confident this will hit the universe in the way it was originally intended.

When I spoke to Lloyd Pye before his passing, he said this will go one of two ways.

The book will either:

(a) disappear into the miserable dark abyss of such creations, or:

(b) blow right through the roof.

I guess as far as this project goes, I have always been a “B” man.  🙂

I will of course provide an update to this as soon as I hear and see anything.

After all, since this has been in existence for a solid 10 years, I suppose a few more days ain’t ‘gonna kill me (much).

Cheers my friends – here we go.


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More book publication info (and stuff)


I have been very busy finishing up final edits to the original manuscript for the Book of Man, as well as cover layout, back cover info, imaging, and other of the wonderful whatnots publication entails.

I did manage to find out some interesting stats about the Vimeo production I haven’t checked on in literally years.

We have reached 500,000 plus views for the entire project (as far back as Vimeo stats will allow) since its first appearance in 2010.

There was also a very weird stat I did not expect. In looking through the geographic numbers (locations on earth of total views), one of the top view locations is listed as UNKNOWN.  I am going to assume for the moment this is not Mars or off-world, but folks jumping IP addresses in order to hide their location. You can assume your own worst-case scenarios for that one – trust me, I have already figured out who those folks are.

As a heads up and for recognition sake, I would like to humbly thank Rebecca Jernigan, Radio, TV and WebHost for Journeys with Rebecca, for contributing an endorsement paragraph for the printing which will appear on the back cover. Thank you Rebecca, as always you have been and will remain a very good friend.

There is also some added stuff for the back cover as this is the place most people will go to find out just what the hell this thing is all about.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.  🙂

For now, here is a brief paragraph regarding the content of the book. I hope you find this of interest:

The original manuscript for the Book of Man was completed in July 2009 and remained
unpublished until 2010 when it appeared as the first ever fully converted video book on in New York. The entire manuscript was laid out in an episodic video series chapter- by-chapter and is offered free to the public, where it can be seen and experienced to this day. As of this printing the viewership has reached one-half a million views since air date. Utilizing still images, video excerpts, and a massive soundtrack, the story takes us from the earliest known beginnings of the race of Man in this galaxy up through the classic period of now modern day Egypt on Earth.

About as basic as it gets.

So with all this being said, the manuscript is ready; the cover layout is ready, all of the tiny bits and pieces along with this are ready.

I march into the publisher with all of this coming Monday, November 26th, and expect monstrous and fantastic results within a week.

Though, since this will be produced on a Print-on-Demand system for the time being, the first edition prints will be private, and for family and friends only.

The plan is to work out the details for Pre-Order book copies throughout December until I can sustain active and live book order for the publisher and a few forms of distribution.

There will be a video announcement here, on Youtube and Vimeo, about the final print, and a ton more information that I have been chomping at the bit to release but you will see why I have held back all this time.

Also on the video, I will show the final print first edition cover, as well as a closeup snapshot for further marketing.

I am so jazzed right now because we finally will begin the publication process of the total trilogy, but this will tie into a few other projects which will be announced in the video.

As for continuing ASCENSION: Exhibit 7 is in the process of being reworked at the moment since I am going to break from the expected story line to go into topics which require coverage to proceed with exhibits 8, 9, 10, and maybe even further. We are hitting the busiest periods of history and I just want to be sure that all of the bases are covered.

I think this chapter will knock you guys out of the park since some of this is rare and delicate information.

The Exhibit 7 video will resume the series before or by Christmas, so hang in there campers.

In the meantime, cheers to all of you, be safe, and as I always like to say – onward, upward, and forward.

Cheers – Brian

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The BIG news


Old books

Hello to all of you my friends and family.

Today marks a unique turning point in The Book of Man, and the projects involving this.

Big News #1:  The Book of Man will reach First Edition, First printing publication in the first week of December (coming very soon).

I must apologize that I do not have a book cover image as yet to show all of you, but trust me when I say if this looks half as good as what I have envisaged, we are gonna rock, folks.

Now, before everyone gets totally fired up, I will not be able to hit Amazon just yet as the cost for shipping cases of copies to them is somewhat out of reach. But I will be on the horn to Amazon in the next few weeks to come to some terms.

In the meantime, just know we will be working out the details for anyone to get one who wants one.

But wait, there’s more !!

As soon as the second book ASCENSION is complete, it will go straight to printing.

(insert smiley face here)

There is a lot more news to come regarding several things, but they are not as yet finalized so it would be premature at this point to conjecture.

Suffice to say, things are ‘a changing friends.

Talk more soon on more to come, and it only gets better from here.

[ as for exhibit 7, it is currently and temporarily on hold until all of the book deal is finished. But I can assure this will continue ]

Cheers my friends and thank you so very much for your thoughts, prayers and support.


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Exhibit 6 delayed a smidgen

02 man_drinking_at_bar

My apologies guys.

I have to put a wrap on the exhibit for today. Its already 20 minutes after deadline and my brain is swimming.

There is at least 6 more hours of work to be done so rather than attempt to jam it all in, I am going to take a break. Also my friends I am house sitting for are returning in about 2 hours and I will need to be packed up by then.

At the moment, I still need to complete:   Edits on the final script; record the narration; edit the narration and drop it in; final edits; compile and upload.

The video work is done (thank goodness) and it runs very well.

I may have to return to the motel for one day in order to complete the finals. I will know more in the morning.

In the meantime, I am going to try for an 8 PM Eastern US available for Sunday. If not, it might have to be the same time on Monday.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Again my apologies for the delay. Stuff happens.

I will post here as soon as I get a clear shot at upload.

Thanks for your patience and I will be sure and let you know when this will happen.

Cheers for now — I need a beer — Brian


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Exhibit 6: Not what you might expect


I had to take a break today or I was going to meltdown.

Some of this story just gets nastier and nastier by the minute.

I for one look forward to the end game — because it will be “biblical”, pun intended.

I do have to tell you all that there is one story element in here I am having difficulty with — and have paused it to work on others.

I am attempting to NOT get a fatwa or jihad thrown on my ass, so we are  dancing in delicate material. Needless to say, I think even THEY should appreciate the viewpoint.

Just hoping.

I have found a gorgeous piece of music for the end credits that is reminiscent of the close to Final Fantasy (which I cannot use due to licensing issues or I would have).

So I suppose I am back to work, and I can say right now this will be cutting it close to the stated timeframe.  REALLY close.

So if I miss it by an hour or so, don’t get all up with that. Cheers my friends – B

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