The Book of Man


excerpt from “Calls and Echoes”
from the Album Calls and Echoes
by Kai Engel

We don’t know where they came from. And we don’t know why they came.

But we do know where they were going. And we finally know their objective.

by Brian O

All Rights Reserved © 2010-2014


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The Book of Man: ASCENSION

The Book of Man Albums


No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or in any manner regardless of medium without permission in writing from and digitally authenticated by the author or appropriate agent. The resemblance of any character, characters, or groups of characters to any person or groups of persons living or dead is purely conditional.

Neither the United States government (or any other known or as yet unknown government) nor any agency thereof, any religious or semi-religious entities, non-governmental agencies, financial institutions, registered, unregistered or corporate agencies or subsidiaries of aforementioned corporate entities, nor any of their employees, associates, partners, and/or relatives, assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or prior knowledge of any information disclosed herein.

The views and opinions of the author expressed herein does not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States government or any agency receiving funding thereof, or likewise any individual or individuals receiving grant funding from any other known or unknown institution or groups of institutions.

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from Brian O

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First Print Edition Announcement



The Book of Man First Print Edition

Available here:





excerpt from Cloud Chaser
by Goblins from Mars
Courtesy of Bass Rebels UK

Cloud Chaser




Now that most of the book stuff is out of the way, the next episode Exhibit 7 should be completed for your viewing by this weekend. Watch here, YouTube & Vimeo.

Cheers everyone and thank you so very much for your patience – Brian

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Book Ordering

Just below the top banner above this post you will see a NEW tab for Book Orders.

book order tab wordpress


From here you will be directed to PayPal for your cart and you can direct the appropriate numbers you wish. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this form.

Please let me know here if you have any problems which I will immediately address.

Speaking of address, please be sure and fill out the Shipping address.

Thanks so much in advance and look forward to books 2 & 3 in the near future!

Cheers – Brian

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We’re baaaaaack


THAT were a few anxious days my friends.

I picked up the computer from the shop late yesterday and spent the entire evening going through all of the data, videos, and other apps to make sure we have a copacetic stability.

It appears there was an error code being generated from a RAM fault which locked out the bios from booting the PC  (Don’t ask, I couldn’t explain it to you if my life depended on it).

The good news is I am back up and running with the delay creating a very lengthy week of pacing the floor, encroaching cabin fever, and certainly some fairly manic moments.

So where are we NOW?

The Book:   Most importantly, I will be putting up the book pre-order cart here on the blog this weekend and we will begin the interesting process of getting THAT running.

After talking with the printers, I will need to await certain levels of order numbers here in the first month to 45 days. So, it looks like the pre-order period pending delivery will start at 3-4 weeks delivery time. But this will be the posted delivery time. If we can move some books, I will eat the cost of printing and delivery in a lot less amount of time.

Nothing is carved in stone at this point.

Next Vimeo episode:   Exhibit 7 is currently being wrapped up as you read this. I am going to target this coming weekend for release as well (depending on a few lucky breaks in interference and other unimagineable issues). I am pretty happy though how this one is coming along and so for the moment I will wait to see a more exact time frame for release and this will be announced.

Job Posting:   I have waited quite long enough for a response from a particular 3D VFX Artist to get back to me and its nothing but crickets out there. So I have formally posted a job position on Stage 32 for filmworks artists to work on The Founders title and motion animation, as well as potentially for further VFX throughout the series. If you are such a person and are remotely interested in this, you may contact me by direct email from here:

Provided everything on this POS computer maintains for the time being, we have a lot to do and so I am working as fast as I can to see it all gets done (just in case).

I will be back for other good stuff soon, and watch the blog or YouTube for further corrective announcements as they appear.

Cheers my friends – Brian


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Crash & Burn

02 man_drinking_at_bar

Well folks, it just figures.

Not long after making the announcement video, the PC decided it would crash on me.

I am currently up here on a laptop.

I finished responding to some comments and emails last night and worked on the script for a bit, turned the puter off and went to bed.

This morning when I got up the PC would not boot – not at all.

After about 30 minutes trying to get it to come up, it actually made it to the desktop once, but before I could even move the mouse it “blue screened” and shut down.

It hasn’t come back up since.

I went to Walmart here to pick up a can of air and a woman’s makeup brush with fine hair to clean the contacts and doublecheck all of the connections. Nada.

I happened to catch the local tech shop guys at the office but they were actually closed until Monday but told me to bring it in and they would give it the once over.

Of course, this means Exhibit 7 will not make it up on time, maybe not even in a week. 😦

This also pushes back getting the book order button from PayPal back, getting up to Amazon back, everything attached to the project goes back until this PC gets restored.

My apologies guys, I am literally exhausted and literally in crash and burn mode right now.

What’s the expression?  So near and yet so far.

Just when you thought it was safe to move forward, the universe pushes you back 2 more steps.

I will get back up here as soon as I hear something worth talking about.

Cheers and holding up the white flag – I surrender — Brian.  Happy New Year

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2018 Year End Announcements


Here We go !

The year end wrapup, and future looking at all of the projects

Please go have a listen to Mark Dwane Music. You will not be disappointed. 🙂

Mark Dwane web page

Mark Dwane YouTube Catalogue

Watch Exhibit 7 on New Year’s Eve – Special Mark Dwane piece for the End Credits!

Exhibit 7 Easter Egg:   Find the soda machine (hehehe)



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This is the first print – front and back cover.

Picked it up yesterday afternoon and there will be more coming about this in my year-end announcement video, most likely tomorrow sometime. And there’s lots more coming in that one.

This isn’t the cover I asked for, it’s the one I had to settle for just to get this going.

Talk again tomorrow, have a good weekend everyone and — here.we.go.

Cheers – Brian

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Day 16: Publication


Old books


Hi everyone!

I just rolled in from the publisher meeting over the proofs of the first edition.

I have a few changes to make regarding the layout, which from what I can tell should be very simple. The typeface came out great and it’s easy to read. For those of us grizzled old dudes with less than perfect eyesight without reading glasses, the pages look good.

The main issue I have in layout concerns the last pages of each chapter. There are different rules of thumb regarding leaving a blank facing page to the next chapter or run the text right up to the first page of the next chapter. Right now I am leaning towards a blank facing page just for simplicity sake. It all depends on things like a hanging paragraph or one or two lines of text. I suspect there will be some nudging involved.

There is also the manner of the layout for the table of contents. The raw table just listed the single chapters and I agreed it looked a tad sparse. They suggested I also list the subheadings throughout the chapters as this publication will be more historical in nature and should have the subheadings listed as well.

I agree.

About the cover. Well, there seems to be a small issue with the cover being completed as I initially wanted. It looks good as the full cover image came out crisp and sharp, but the title font, placement, and the process used to complete the title in the fashion I had ordered would wind up costing me $1000 for 500 copies of the cover (required minimum).

Not ‘gonna happen.

The process is called stamping and these can only be done in bulk orders for cost effectiveness. For the time being since this a first run private printing of a small limited number for initial giveaways, I didn’t feel the stamping title cost is warranted at this time.

[ insert crying whiny face ]

Maybe if we get an unbelieveable response for the preorders when it comes up, then and only then would this be an option. In the meantime, we are going to run with an initial simple unretouched block title cover.

Tonight I am most definitely going to sit here and go through all of this page by page, letter by letter, to set up the final print edits and layout changes to be sure.

When I am satisfied we are ready, I will run the finals back to the publisher tomorrow (December 13) and we will have a final meeting over all of this. They may wish to quickly run off a quick print to sign off on – and we are off and running.

Just as a side note, when I came out of the publishers’ my hands were shaking terribly. Not because I was scared or anything, just that I so want this to be perfect and sometimes the nerves don’t quite go along with that concept as we may wish.

As for other stuff on this day, I have a TON of great news which I am saving for you guys and I plan on an announcement video for the release of the book, as well as a lot of other things I have been working on for which I hope you will be as excited about as I am.

I will be back here to be sure and give you a heads up when this will happen. Also, I will post another blog entry in a few days for the status of Exhibit 7 and I am going out on a limb to get this ready by a carved-in-stone release date this time (even if it kills me and several small furry animals in my immediate surroundings).

Cheers my friends, we will talk again soon — Brian

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