The Book of Man ASCENSION: Exhibit Five



Promo Soundtrack

from the album Charms
by Sergey Cheremisinov

Creative Commons
Attribution 4.0 International
(CC BY 4.0)

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Well my friends . . . . .

There were four very gracious contributors who stepped forward and allowed us to reopen not only the entire account, but we went PRO in the process.

This is a banner day good folk, because we are taking this story much much further.

I am still in the process of moving this next month which will take me away from the editing suite.

But rest assured, I have made arrangements ahead of time to acquire a satellite uplink for the internet which is far cheaper than broadband cable. So as we move forward there will be no delay or feed problems from my location.

More on that at a later date – let’s just say I am going off grid.

For now though, I still do not have the appropriate camera gear to continue shooting real time footage as I had wished, though in time this may rectify itself. We can only hope.

For now though, please accept my terribly humble and sincere vote of appreciation for the wonderful work YOU GUYS do, and for having pulled us from the fire.

From here on – we spare no truth, hide no pieces, and whitewash is reserved for Washington D.C.

Cheers – onward AND upward.

Brian O

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The Book of Man & Vimeo account


Hi my good friends.

It appears the Vimeo account has passed the update/upgrade point, and Vimeo has arbitrarily removed the first eight chapters of The Book of Man videos.

According to the last time I spoke with their staff, the library would have remained intact though I would not be able to add any more. It appears things have changed and I was not informed as to the possibility that this could occur.

My many apologies for the shutdown, though current funding has not been able to cover the account, so I must wait untill Monday, May 15th to find out whether they are simply being restricted from view, or if they have actually been physically removed.

In which case, there may be a very irritated user call to them in New York to reestablish a specific set of videos by my choice, not theirs.

Until then, again I most sincerely apologize for the current state of things, and by removing the first 8 chapters of The Book of Man they have in essence cut my throat.

I will back off for a bit, ease back down, and try to regain my calm until I can get this worked out.

‘Tis a sad day my friends.

Cheers – Brian

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A Dirge for YouTube


Gravity Freefalling. author UNKNOWN @

Since I started my first YouTube account eight years ago (and a few others since), there has always been an uphill struggle with those wonderful folks (YT sarcasm) in trying to simply do what we do – experiment, test, try things, see what we can get away with, what we can’t get away with, push the envelope of both taste and peer acceptance.

Of late though, with the recent changes to YT policy regarding monetization – a cutesy word for vicious advertising revenue allowance – there have been many folks up on YT who are bailing faster than a host of airline passengers with personal parachutes fighting to get off a dead fall aircraft.

It is unknown at the moment what direction YT is going to take as they are always somewhat mysteriously absent in communications about anything, unless you have a copyright flag – in which case you WILL hear from them. Trust me – I know.

But where is everyone going to go?

Some of the top producers up there have a massive library of videos which, if they haven’t already wised up and stored them remotely, are going to have to retrieve these libraries and move them to another video hosting site, or purchase their own servers for public access. And that is so they can make money. Something YT promised and then yanked away like a spoiled child with a new toy.

I suppose the real story here is that even some of the highest viewed and subscribed channels are being demonetized.

Or is it DEMON-etized?

No one knows for sure as I have said, YT rarely gives you the time of day (or accurate video counts) and so no-news-is-good-news has become their operating system.

If they continue on this road-to-reprisal for their fans and long-term participants, YT could possibly wind up in line right behind MySpace and broadcast television.

Sad really.

Though I cannot complain about the years I spent writing rebuttal letters to copyright attorneys at Sony, Paramount and Fox for using 22 seconds of a no-compete video clip which ultimately got pulled and awarded me a copyright strike because they have money and I do not, YT should be feeling the strain of their previous gawd-almighty nazi-bot system responsible for crushing literally thousands of users.

And so, maybe now they are also feeling a smidgen of Karma for that.

For me, I’m smirking just a smidgen as well.


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April 26 update & status


Hello my friends.

We have 11 days until the May 7 deadline to renew the account on Vimeo and upgrade for the Pro status for more storage and VoD options on the channel.

Unfortunately at the moment of this writing it appears we are not going to make it – even though we have received only very gracious commitments from two contributors so far, ultimately the basics of the minimal contributions I had mentioned in the previous post have not been met and I do not have any liquid income whatsoever.

As always, The Book of Man will remain active and freely available to the public in its current state though (as I understand) I will not be able to add video to the channel.

I realize how tight things are out there and as I had mentioned, I do not expect anyone to contribute who is likewise under duress from the current global economic state, despite what the media says about it.

I will be going offline shortly as we have exhuasted all avenues of funding and the lack of suitable employment in this area, so for the time being I will continue to work on the book though the video production of it has to be on hold for now.

It also appears I will have to relocate in the coming month in order to attempt to acquire employment from a completely different sector than I am familiar with, so it may take a short bit of time to get all of the duckies and bunnies back in their little rows.

I have been attempting to finish the next episode to get it posted before the May 7 deadline, though the lack of practical footage and imaging has basically brought this episode to a standstill.

I would like to thank every single person personally who has been following this Book and continues to do so. Those who have contributed to date throughout the project will be listed in a new page here as I feel you should be recognized for your participation and contributions, both financially as well as instructionally and help.

It is my very sincere hope that the future of the project does continue and that we can get over this “hump” as soon as possible. And we will.

As in all things, time will tell. And I will be here.

Cheers friends.

Brian O

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News from the editing boards


My apologies for the fair gap since my last formal communique here. I have been actively working on the latest chapter of ASCENSION, as well as a couple of other side projects which needed attention.

I have also been actively seeking employment to help support this and other efforts of life, though so far the returns on that time investment have not panned out.

So with all of this, it has come time once again to address a compilation of issues from this end which brings me to the need for continued support from all of you, my wonderful friends and those who can participate with us.

Though several have contributed to this project and for which have been duly noted (and will continue to be), several compounding expenses are now presenting themselves, to which I have absolutely no recourse to resolve in my current status.

Certain of the story elements for the next chapter cannot be acquired through the usual methods to date. Unless certain film elements magically drop out of the sky, I may be forced to actually shoot my own footage (go figure)! Having a lack of the necessary photography gear at the moment, that may prove somewhat difficult.

One side project away from The Book of Man is to initiate VideoOnDemand (VoD) on Vimeo for a series of video shorts, starting with a scifi short story I have written and can be produced without the same licensing issues of The Book of Man project, which will remain free to the public. This will help jumpstart some minor financing and promote further works to generate some funds. In order to do this though, an account upgrade to Vimeo PRO is required. I suppose the jump was inevitable and over the years I have developed the necessary production, editing, and direction skills to carefully make this jump.

The Vimeo account issue will be coming back up May 7. So since this is on the horizon, I have spent the last few weeks attempting to summarize and sort out needs and wants for all of and only the projects related to the brian O films label on Vimeo.

I have initially setup two seperate breakdowns of “needs” and “wants”. This is based on immediacy and seriousness of those two subjects. The preparations for these are listed below:

The Need List

Vimeo PRO

Vimeo PRO is the best video solution for creative professionals.  Create rich portfolios of your work, customize your player with your branding, and play your videos in full HD on every device.
At $199/year, it’s the most affordable way to professionally showcase your work. It is, without exaggeration, the best service in the Universe. Seriously, check around the Universe.

Vimeo PRO

The software I currently use is dated 4-5 years old and advanced upgrades require purchase (I know these packages down to the code):

NCH VideoPad Editor Master’s Edition update & upgrade
Normal Price $99 US; Discount Price $49.99 US

WavePad Sound Editor Master’s Edition update & upgrade
Normal Price $99 US; Discount Price $49.99 US

The Want List

For further stock image/footage acquisition

ONE Canon XC10 4K Pro Camcorder B&H # CAXC10 MFR # 0565C013

1″ CMOS Sensor and DIGIC DV 5 Processor
UltraHD 4K at 29.97/23.98p
H.264 Recording in MXF Wrapper
Up to 305 Mbps 4K / 50 Mbps HD Recording
SDHC/SDXC and CFast Card Slots
64 GB CFast 2.0 Card and Reader Included
HDMI Output – Supports 4K Monitoring
10x Zoom / 8.9 to 89mm Focal Length
100 to 20,000 ISO Range
Ergonomic Tilting Hand Grip

Price: $2,499.00
Instant Savings: $500.00
$0.00 Tax Collected Outside NY and NJ
You Pay: $1,999.00

Additional equipment

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 Memory Card (ARRI and Canon Cameras) (field backup)
Canon LP-E6N Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1865mAh)
Senal CS-88 DSLR-Video Shotgun Microphone
Elvid FieldVision 7″ 4K On-Camera HDMI IPS Monitor
Magnus VT-4000 Tripod System with Fluid Head

Lenses and further equipment

Equipment rental services located with easy drop ship
Lenses & additional cameras, Lighting, dolly, jibs/cranes, drone
& other operator rentals

This is the breakdown on per-item charges:

The Need List

Vimeo PRO $199
VideoPad Editor Master’s Edition $49.99
WavePad Sound Editor Master’s Edition $49.99
Additional computer upgrades and other charges & fees $250

Total $550

The Want List

Canon XC10 4K Pro Camera $1,999.00
SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO Card $199.95
Canon LP-E6N Battery Pack $64.00 ea
Senal CS-88 DSLR-Video Shotgun Microphone $79.00
Elvid FV 7″ On-Camera HDMI IPS Monitor $449.00
Magnus VT4000 Tripod Fluid Head $149.95
Additional parts, charges & fees $750

Total $3700 ($3691)

If there are any souls out there with the capability to aid in the support of this and other important projects completely under the Vimeo account, here is the full cost requirement for the coming year:

Complete $4250.00 US

Again, I myself do not currently have the resources for even the Needs list and obviously the wants list is far from my reach at this moment.

If we can acquire the Needs list for now, the work can obviously continue for another year, post May 7th. The only reason I have added the requests for additional equipment is the need to begin moving the entire project into completely original pre- and post-production imaging – and this is a basic starter set for the gear. Any further more complicated shoots will additionally require a DP, an AD, sound recordist and other crew & operators, as well as potential equipment rentals and actual financing.

If it comes to that I have already been in touch with both KickStarter and GoFundMe, and individual projects requiring additional personnel and equipment will be moved into that realm, and further notifications here and elsewhere will be made.

If we receive duplication of contributions for specific assests, secondary contributions will be rolled over to the next primary request.

As always, I humbly thank all of the timely fine support, advice and direction I have been given by all of you, and you have been most welcome on this ride with us all. Until the Book of Man is completed by the end of ASCENSION, we will all have a stake in this story.

The applicable Donation buttons and links can be found on this page, as well as the Vimeo and YouTube pages.

Brian O on Vimeo

Brian O on YouTube


And from there, more will follow.

Thanks for your fantastic time and attention – Brian O, Denver CO

UPDATE (04.03.17):

I would like to personally thank a couple of friends who have come forward this last week and contributed to the project and your contribution is so humbly appreciated. There is still more to do yet and I am hoping more folks will come on board with this current fundraising effort as we are still short of the minimum goal. 

As we move forward, I think you may notice a sincere change in the layout, texture and tone of ASCENSION. Elements of the story are taking some interesting directions, and the reflection of this should be obvious. Cheers my friends.

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Great Interview on CapricornRADIO


Brian O: Human History From A “Book Of Man” Extraterrestrial Perspective

[This version has had the audio corrected and normalized]

Published on Jan 19, 2017

On the January 18, 2017 edition of “Nature Of Reality Radio” I welcome Brian O, the creator of the “Book Of Man” books and video series on Vimeo which explains the human history of Earth as well as the history of ET races, good and bad, from all over the cosmos who have had direct and indirect influence on planet Earth.

Great show Andrew, thanks for having me on!


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