Great Interview on CapricornRADIO


Brian O: Human History From A “Book Of Man” Extraterrestrial Perspective

[This version has had the audio corrected and normalized]

Published on Jan 19, 2017

On the January 18, 2017 edition of “Nature Of Reality Radio” I welcome Brian O, the creator of the “Book Of Man” books and video series on Vimeo which explains the human history of Earth as well as the history of ET races, good and bad, from all over the cosmos who have had direct and indirect influence on planet Earth.

Great show Andrew, thanks for having me on!


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LIVE Interview coming on CapricornRADIO




I have been invited to join host Andrew Fisher from Philadelphia, PA, to appear on his NATURE OF REALITY radio/TV show on the CapricornRADIO network, on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017, at 6PM Eastern US / 3PM Pacific US / 11PM UK for two hours.

I look very forward to getting a chance to discuss the Book of Man and the Book of Man ASCENSION series now that the second edition is well under way.

I hope you can attend, or watch the show afterwards on both the CapricornRADIO channel, or the YouTube location with links below.

Afterwards, I will post the show on my YouTube channel under The Interviews playlist.

Cheers & Thanks

Brian O



Capricorn RadioTV2

Capricorn RadioTV2 YouTube



Andrew Fisher radio host

Live show Wednesdays 6pm Eastern Time 11pm UK time

All Shows & Schedule @

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Exhibit 4 Part 2 IS UP


After a solid week of hammer time, the last chapter for 2016 is available as promised.

Though I would have liked to have gotten it up there six hours ago, we still hit Christmas Eve – which was the ultimate goal. The link follows.

Hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas to you wonderful people – Cheers ! ┬áBrian O

Exhibit 4 Part 2

Exhibit 4 Part 2: The Book of Man ASCENSION

Arcana imperii – The Secrets of Power

See the soundtrack composer pages for their information

Andrew Seistrup

Kevin MacLeod

Kai Engel

Tom Fahy

Jon Luc Hefferman

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Change to front page


I have replaced the two videos on the front page with the SERIES promo, and the video announcement for the Book of Man ASCENSION.

Also have added an ABOUT THE AUTHOR link to the top of the page (just in case someone needs to see exactly who and what I am … lol)

There will be more bits added to the page over time as I can, and as always, thanks everyone for your continued kind words and support.


Brian O

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Just in time for Christmas


“Consort for Brass”

by Kevin MacLeod

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The Book of Man Series


The video series adapted from the Books by Brian O

Written, Produced, and Narrated by Brian O

The Book of Man Albums

The Book of Man
on Vimeo

The Book of Man: ASCENSION
on Vimeo


excerpt from “Calls and Echoes”
from the Album Calls and Echoes
by Kai Engel

[ This will be the campaign for the following year ]

Cheers – B

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How far must we go?


01 HOMEWORLD 2hdb2o3For the moment I have halted all work on the book and therefore the video series.

There is tons of stuff which need done and though I have it on the best authority that I am indeed hitting very close to the mark, the numbers seem to be dying off.

Evidently, interest in the project seems to be waning. I am both sad and exhausted.

Though we are still getting followers every day – in vast numbers – we are not getting any attention anywhere else. No one in any alternative market is even aware of the work – no one in any media format has even seen it.

So maybe I am getting too depressed over the lack of attention.

After almost three years carefully building this story and making this happen with the support of many very good and talented folks, have we hit the wall?

Gawd I hope not.

I am taking a break. Not that I deserve it or have gotten any financial recompense for this (which we only dream about) but that the general public finally finds one or two minutes of information within the work that makes sense to them.

After all, we can only try.

I will be back shortly with where this is going – and I can assure you – the best mind fuck is yet to come.

Cheers my dear friends, will talk much later.

Brian O

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