Exhibit 6, State of the Book, and friends


Hi everyone and I am going to try to make this post a little longer.

Exhibit 6 begins this morning and throughout the week. I have been afforded a very nice house sitting for friends here in Colorado who are out of town, so I have unfettered access to fairly good internet and comfort.

I am going to attempt an unprecendented 45 minutes to one hour episode within the next week. Usually this kind of work requires a full two weeks work to complete.

I have determined we cannot continue at the current rate of splitting chapters or this will not finish until mid-next-year sometime, and I do already have preliminary work on “The Founders” to begin in this last quarter to be ready to start 1st quarter 2019.

Now as to Exhibit 6.  If you have seen the promo, it should be obvious this will cover the infamous Dark Ages. This is a time where “allegedly” a great many things happened.

Exhibit 6, The Dark Ages Promo

For the sake of both my sanity and your observation, this chapter will only cover the singular events which ultimately defined this period. There will obviously be some folks who feel miffed at not including event A, or event B in this story and at this time. I will attempt to explain this in more detail at the outset of the episode.

History is an interesting thing. Sorting the BS out of the mix, along with weaving through the morass of lies and half-truth is a considerable task, so I hope you guys and gals will bear with me in this particular story.

And just for your information, due to the volumes of crap that have to be sorted through, all time references are going to be removed as it appears there is no valid time reference for any of this material.

Yes, we do have “dates“, so to speak, although these references cannot be entirely relied on at this time. Generalization of the events in linear series will be gone over and I will let you complete the research for this if you wish.

I have not as yet compeltely decided on the acceleration factor of this story. There is just too much to cover within the time frame we have to do this. From here on, it is most likely I will be forced to jump literally 1000 years per episode or we wouldn’t get to the end of ths story until 2020. And though I could “milk” the story out, I feel concluding this appropriately is much more important than covering every little tidbit of history as there are key elements which have driven us thus far.

As an example, I personally would have preferred to cover in more detail the last ascended master story, though obviously time constraints and logical procession takes precendent.

(On another note before I forget, another PROMO for “The Founders” should be out this week as well).

And now my favorite part:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Ryan B and Jamie G for their continued contributions to this work, and deserve a lot more recognition than I can support at the moment. Suffice to say, they are your friends as well as mine.

I would also very much like to give a shout to Harry & Talyne for allowing me to use their gorgeous home as a refuge for this time as they have become very close friends and as well, therefore have become your friends.

In a lot of ways, we all come across these folks for different reasons and at different times, and it has been my experience that this doesn’t happen when you want it to, it happens when it is time to.

And for that I am very thankful and humbled by such an outpouring of support and participation.

So rather than getting all misty here, I think I better get back to work since the CLOCK IS TICKING.

Cheers everyone, and per usual — forward, onward and upward.




About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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4 Responses to Exhibit 6, State of the Book, and friends

  1. Mark says:

    Great to know that more work is on its way. As always keep safe and we look forward to exhibit 6.




  2. Jamie Goldsmith says:

    Wow great news Brian and thank you my friend for the doing the hard yards!
    I’m so grateful there is someone out there that has documented the research in this way – easy and entertaining.
    Your efforts to separate the good from the bad is appreciated, too much time is wasted on the BS and half truths. I wish there was enough time to capture everything good, but I’ve been waiting a long time to see your work approach modern times – so this is exciting a big exhibit is coming! 😀

    I’m also extremely keen to see The Founders. It’s so hard to find information on the Pataal.
    Keep up the great work.


    • Brian Onley says:

      Hi my friend. I took a short break to come in here and write an update. Your contribution is always appreciated. From here on, in order to get to the GOOD stuff, we have to crawl through broken glass to get there. I had to take a break just to not get depressed from this material. As Andrew Seistrup said, “Good Will Come”.
      We need to get there. Soon my friends, soon. — B


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