June update for Exhibit 5

07 Earth_by_3DPORFTOLIO_04

Hi my friends.

This month will see the assembly of part 2 to the last exhibit. Currently I have come into town to camp out at a local motel with good enough wifi to work on the next exciting chapter.

I only have enough funds at the moment to spend 5 days here, so I will most likely be up to my armpits with alligators attempting to compile as much as possible during this time.

As it sits right now, we are looking at a potential release date the first week of July, though this can change depending on staging completions of the schedule.

There will be a video trailer announcement as soon as there is content to produce it.

In other news, the Vimeo account came to expiration the end of May and this has been maintained without the need for a request for funds, so thank all of you for your kind contribution to the project.

I would like to send out a special thanks to Ryan B. for allowing me to get to town this week to work (also having air conditioning in 95+ temps isn’t a bad thing either).

There is some even more exciting news coming, but is not far enough along yet to announce. But I will hint that the next steps here are finding some interesting outcomes that will hope to put Brian O Films on the map, finally.

Cheers all, stay well, be safe, and hope to get a chance to speak with you again soon.



About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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7 Responses to June update for Exhibit 5

  1. shaggietrip says:

    Great news! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it. Stay well.


  2. Rebecca Jernigan says:

    I am so looking forward to this! Miss you!


  3. Thanks for the update, Brian! Looking forward. Send you little something as a token of my appreciation. Nothing big, as much as I could afford at the mo, but hope it will help You in some way. 🙂 Take care, brother! Cheers!


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