Exhibit 5 release Promo


excerpt from “The Price of Valour”
from the album Deathless the Renaissance
by Kai Engel

My many apologies for the lengthy hiatus. The time is at hand.

Despite today’s date, this is no joke, no playing, no smoke and mirrors.

It never has been, and never will be.

Cheers my friends.

brian O

P.S. … the date was wrong only because I have been up all night working on these promos. Again, my apologies. It is fixed.  😦


About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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3 Responses to IT IS COMING

  1. Woohooo….at last…the wait is over!!! I’m all excited and ‘jumpy’. Hope you’ve had a good break, Brian. And once again THANK YOU, for doing this for us, for Humanity! As always, RESPECT. Cheers brother!


  2. Biggie says:

    Hey Brian,

    Please tell me this is coming out this week…

    Cheers mate


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