BrianO off-grid and out of touch


Hi my friends.

I am currently back in Denver for only another day, and felt it necessary to drop a line in here and let everyone know what is going on.

At the moment, I am now living full time in Fisher Peak Ranch in southern Colorado: completely off grid (no utilities, no power, no water, damn sure no internet).

It has taken this long to secure a place there so as not to die from freezing to death, or being eaten by bears.

The pic above is a sunset I shot across the other mountain from the one I am on, just for point of view.

Here is another from above 6500 feet showing the valley floor:



I have not been able to run the production computer to continue the ASCENSION project as the power requirements and connectivity at the moment cannot support it.

Not to worry. I am currently trying to acquire office space in town (about 5 miles away) to begin to revisit getting the production equipment back on line as soon as possible.

In the mean time, please forgive the delay as living in this manner is a daily struggle and anyone who has or is attempting to live in this manner will attest to the intricacies of natural off grid living being somewhat more difficult than you may have dreams of.



From the above two pics (2 generators and a trailer) I will let you formulate your own opinion.

So I will be back soon, tons of video and pics as we have been shooting the entire three months we have been there.

The Book will restart as soon as I can get a dedicated internet line and power (and lights & heat & whatnots) since currently this cannot be done from this place.

In the end, I must tell you that this place is beautiful, the quiet is deafening, and the wildlife is phenomenal.

Make no mistake – I am not gone – and Brian O Films will be back up and on soon.

Miss you all, Miss your comments and support so very badly, and I will look forward to throwing the switch on the very next chapter.

In the meantime – hang in there – I am.


Brian O, Trinidad Colorado.


About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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8 Responses to BrianO off-grid and out of touch

  1. Jamie Goldsmith says:

    Great to hear from you Brian, and wishing you the very best for the off-grid adventure. I can’t wait to see your next exhibit 🙂

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  2. Raymir Boekhoudt says:

    I am just happy to know you are alive and well.

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  3. Rolf Bos says:

    Good to see you found other ways to keep you busy, and being in nature is a good hobby to have at that! Looking forward to the ascension series conclusion to the modern day, your narration is excellent and the music/video choice that goes along it great! All the best man.

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  4. Mark says:

    Keep safe my friend, we look forward to hearing more from you soon. Best wishes.

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  5. Jamie Goldsmith says:

    Dear Brian,
    I’m missing your work so much, I hope things are ok for you.
    I can’t bear the thought of your story going untold =)
    Please come back soon!!!

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  6. Craig says:

    Very Inspiring Book even the first episode, I have watched many videos and commentaries, but this is the best, straight to the point with Truth and the story line is so consistent, I can almost guess who comes out of the desert, but hey, great stills and sounds, it really gets to searching these facts, God bless.


  7. Brian Onley says:

    Thank you so much Craig for your contribution and following. Your words are very humbling. I only hope the rest to come meets up with everyone’s expectations.
    I came in today to make a brief announcement.
    Yes, the next chapter is coming.
    But even more so, there is a THIRD book coming down the road. It is a prequel to the Book of Man – working title right now is THE FOUNDERS.
    I will leave it up to your imaginations what this will be about, but just suffice to say, I am still here, and this is getting done. The faithful followers and contributors and even casual watchers have been crying for continuation and so it must be done.
    And so it will be my friends.
    There is much more coming, and I apologize for the hiatus and delay, but delay no longer – work has begun on the biggest projects in this envelope and all of you are the driving force.
    Not for me, not for the sake of it, but because all of you are here and with me.
    And it is all pure.
    Cheers my friends, the next corner is about to be turned, and wait until you see what it brings.
    Until then, please bear with me, none of you have been forgotten or forlorned.
    This is only going to get better.
    As always, love from the mountain, cheers, and it wont be long now.

    Brian O

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    • Wow wow wow!!! This is one of the best news I’ve heard in quite a while now. Glad to hear from you Brian and that You will be back soon 🙂 Have been eagerly waiting on the news, of course for the next installments but also about how have you been and it’s so great to hear from You. And the announcement about the 3rd book is like icing on the GALACTIC cake!

      I second Jamie’s and Craig’s thoughts. After having binge watched Book 1 3 times and Ascension Series 2 times in I reckon 2 months’ time and getting my wife hooked up on it as well (guess what..she too has been left wanting for more!!), I am missing You, Your ‘perfect for THIS story telling’ voice and Your Work. And that speaks to Your Integrity, Genuinity(?) and Honesty in giving us the Truth as You have found it to be and that which comes from Your Heart’s desire to help Humanity understand an alternative history of it’s Origins.

      Can’t wait for the story to resume. My wife and I are sooooooo excited. We are going to do another binge watching session to refresh our memories LOL

      Respect. For Your efforts, time, service and most importantly Your Energy (THE most precious thing that we have).

      And Cheers from London!



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