The Book of Man & Vimeo account


Hi my good friends.

It appears the Vimeo account has passed the update/upgrade point, and Vimeo has arbitrarily removed the first eight chapters of The Book of Man videos.

According to the last time I spoke with their staff, the library would have remained intact though I would not be able to add any more. It appears things have changed and I was not informed as to the possibility that this could occur.

My many apologies for the shutdown, though current funding has not been able to cover the account, so I must wait untill Monday, May 15th to find out whether they are simply being restricted from view, or if they have actually been physically removed.

In which case, there may be a very irritated user call to them in New York to reestablish a specific set of videos by my choice, not theirs.

Until then, again I most sincerely apologize for the current state of things, and by removing the first 8 chapters of The Book of Man they have in essence cut my throat.

I will back off for a bit, ease back down, and try to regain my calm until I can get this worked out.

‘Tis a sad day my friends.

Cheers – Brian


About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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2 Responses to The Book of Man & Vimeo account

  1. Hi Brian, I’m so gutted. Just went on to vimeo to resume my viewing of ‘The Book of Man’ (i was at enigma 4) and got ‘permission denied’ error. And then came to your blog to check and saw this post. I’m so sorry my friend!! If I were in a better financial position myself, I’d have definitely contributed for such a marvellous work as yours. Hats off to you for doing such a great work. Hope our financial woes won’t be around for long. Things are changing. The Shift is gaining foothold (and almost upon us). You are meant to bring this knowledge out and nothing can stop you. Will keep you in my prayers. Take care brother!


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