A Dirge for YouTube


Gravity Freefalling. author UNKNOWN @ thezooom.com

Since I started my first YouTube account eight years ago (and a few others since), there has always been an uphill struggle with those wonderful folks (YT sarcasm) in trying to simply do what we do – experiment, test, try things, see what we can get away with, what we can’t get away with, push the envelope of both taste and peer acceptance.

Of late though, with the recent changes to YT policy regarding monetization – a cutesy word for vicious advertising revenue allowance – there have been many folks up on YT who are bailing faster than a host of airline passengers with personal parachutes fighting to get off a dead fall aircraft.

It is unknown at the moment what direction YT is going to take as they are always somewhat mysteriously absent in communications about anything, unless you have a copyright flag – in which case you WILL hear from them. Trust me – I know.

But where is everyone going to go?

Some of the top producers up there have a massive library of videos which, if they haven’t already wised up and stored them remotely, are going to have to retrieve these libraries and move them to another video hosting site, or purchase their own servers for public access. And that is so they can make money. Something YT promised and then yanked away like a spoiled child with a new toy.

I suppose the real story here is that even some of the highest viewed and subscribed channels are being demonetized.

Or is it DEMON-etized?

No one knows for sure as I have said, YT rarely gives you the time of day (or accurate video counts) and so no-news-is-good-news has become their operating system.

If they continue on this road-to-reprisal for their fans and long-term participants, YT could possibly wind up in line right behind MySpace and broadcast television.

Sad really.

Though I cannot complain about the years I spent writing rebuttal letters to copyright attorneys at Sony, Paramount and Fox for using 22 seconds of a no-compete video clip which ultimately got pulled and awarded me a copyright strike because they have money and I do not, YT should be feeling the strain of their previous gawd-almighty nazi-bot system responsible for crushing literally thousands of users.

And so, maybe now they are also feeling a smidgen of Karma for that.

For me, I’m smirking just a smidgen as well.



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2 Responses to A Dirge for YouTube

  1. Robert says:

    Your awesome and I’m just a user ! Thanks for all you’ve done to change the way we see things :
    ) Xx


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