LIVE Interview coming on CapricornRADIO




I have been invited to join host Andrew Fisher from Philadelphia, PA, to appear on his NATURE OF REALITY radio/TV show on the CapricornRADIO network, on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017, at 6PM Eastern US / 3PM Pacific US / 11PM UK for two hours.

I look very forward to getting a chance to discuss the Book of Man and the Book of Man ASCENSION series now that the second edition is well under way.

I hope you can attend, or watch the show afterwards on both the CapricornRADIO channel, or the YouTube location with links below.

Afterwards, I will post the show on my YouTube channel under The Interviews playlist.

Cheers & Thanks

Brian O



Capricorn RadioTV2

Capricorn RadioTV2 YouTube



Andrew Fisher radio host

Live show Wednesdays 6pm Eastern Time 11pm UK time

All Shows & Schedule @


About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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