The Shift Paradox (aka The Mandela Effect) continued…


Just to take an obscure direction here – if you really believe this topic pertains to memory issues — then below are simple proven methods of testing the concept of “perceived” outcomes.

(What I am proposing may include memory as a delineator – but is in no way the predominant functionary of the paradox).

10 Online Memory Tests You Can Trust

Memory Test

Memory Self-Tests

My point being (in analogy):

When you see the aftermath of a car wreck – you completely understand what you are looking at.

But do you understand completely the EVENTS that led up to the event of the car wreck that now presents itself in what you perceive as the current AFTERMATH.

This appears on the surface to be an issue with cognitive perception, not memory, though memory helps define your conclusion based on previous comprehension of this type of presentation.

As you may suspect, I am more interested in the event precursor than I am the aftermath.


Brian O


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