The Shift Paradox (aka The Mandela Effect)



I have witnessed many things on this planet that amaze me and sometimes leave me shaking my head in wonder. And then, there are things which happen that are inexplicable, mindboggling, confusing to some, and creepy to others.

There have been several presentations on this topic covering an array of ideas and yet at the same time not forwarding any solid answers.

I personally witnessed this effect (which I referred to as a Shift Paradox back in the early 1980’s). My example is rare and from what I have seen, fairly obscure. Though – it did happen.

If you have watched any of these presentations on YouTube hopefully this makes some sense – if you have not heard of this before might I suggest you Google “Mandela Effect” and get to it.

At the moment this references odd images and textual differences that some are completely sure are entirely wrong.

But this is about brain function – not pictures – the pictures/incidences are the effect of the cause (which is unknown at the moment, and lots of people are trying to figure out what happened and when it happened ).

I will tell you what I remember – I remember everything. I remember details in my life that most do not, simply because they were not paying attention or shoddy recollection factors. Here is a better example of what I am referring to.

If your own mother did something with you as a child that only you remember or would know of, but now recently you noticed a picture on your wall that showed a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT INCIDENT, one you know is not right, one you KNOW is wrong, and yet there it is – the picture shows something completely different.

Did anyone slip into your house during the night and change the picture?


Something has happened which has left the tell-tale mark of a “trail” that it happened – the effect or paradox. The cause is unknown – whether it be a time slip, dimensional rift, intrusion into this world from another dimension or universe – who knows.

But the key here is SOMETHING has happened – something has changed. Only now we are starting to see more and more changes occurring in more and more things – and some of them are pretty big – not just a letter or two out of place in a book title.

There was a girl in California who said she woke up one morning recently and ALL of the streetlights for blocks down her street had been CHANGED – not just the bulbs – the entire fixtures, poles – all of it.

There were NO signs of digging or replacement ever having been done, and everyone she asked about this HADN’T NOTICED. But she is sure the night before they were all different.

So when you look at a picture, you have to realize the PICTURE has changed to reflect something else that has changed. And not just one – ALL OF THEM.

I have a suspicion that you will all see something physically change in a major way, similar to the story of the girl and the streetlights above. There is no way to know what it will be or where it will be or how it will change – but mark my words: We are experiencing odd physical changes on this planet – not just poor memory issues.

An entire city or town may completely disappear – or completely appear out of nowhere – and YOU will know it has happened. Yet no one you talk to will know what you are talking about.

The perfect example of this paradox would be the 911 twin towers event in NYC.

What if one day you get up and everywhere you look there is only ONE tower in the storyline, not two – and to make matters worse – it would have been called the TWINS TOWER instead of the Twin Towers.

There would be NO record of there ever having been two towers.

People would call you insane – stupid – ridiculous – etc.

But if you looked hard enough you would find people who REMEMBER TWO TOWERS.

This is just a sample of what has been watched and looked for.

There are big changes coming folks – better clear that fog out of your heads and start paying closer attention to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around you.

Because one day, they might not be there – or were ever there.


Brian O

Edit 6.27.16 Additional Note:

There is a sequence of events which follow what up until now has been referred to as standardized cause/effect/resultant outcome. 

The term “Mandela effect” to this point only refers to the recent flood of perceptual differences – which by and large is the entire resultant outcome.

The originating  effect is the Paradox which occurs that to date is the reason the ME exists in the first place. These differences in perception/memory are indeed a paradox in that the source of the actual paradox is unknown – despite allegedly fairly smart people with papers on the wall chalking it all up to very bad memory – which is not the case.

The originating cause is also unknown at this point which has caused the paradox to occur, and thereby generating the “Mandela Effect” (which technically is the wrong name for the outcome) but since it is already carved in stone in the meme, I suppose we will have to suffer with it – people like a catch phrase and even a wrong one seems destined to run the course (in case you haven’t read Darwin).

Cheers – Brian O


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2 Responses to The Shift Paradox (aka The Mandela Effect)

  1. Wow…that IS creepy.
    (I was going to let it go in the last post but you spelled ridiculous wrong again)


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