Oath Tennis Court
by Jacques-Louis David, 1791

In the lengthy history of this rediculous economy-based “idiots-rise-to-the-level-of-their-incompetency” political system we Hu’Mans have had to suffer through every so often since the creation of the universe, “they” love to tell us all to “get out and vote”.

But why? Who (or what) actually are you voting for?

Let us take a short trip down through the ages to see exactly where the word “vote” (or even the act of voting) interestingly comes from.

And, maybe armed with a little fore knowledge may help you shape your decision to even participate in the grand illusion, or as I do, opt out of this lunacy I like to call: “The Selection Process”.

This first bit comes as a reference from of the current usage (as we know it today) of the word and how we generally “perceive” the word itself:

VOTE, noun

1. a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals.

2. the means by which such expression is made, as a ballot, ticket, etc.

3. the right to such expression: to give women the vote.

4. the decision reached by voting, as by a majority of ballots cast: The vote was for the resolution.

5. a collective expression of will as inferred from a number of votes: the labor vote.

Now, I realize that sounds all fine and good but the next step back traces where the word allegedly originates from.

ETYMOLOGY (the study of historical linguistic change, especially as manifested in individual words.)

The word origin (more or less)

1425-75; late Middle English (noun) < Latin vōtum: “a vow”

But as we all know (and can clearly see above), there is a much earlier version of the word appearing in, among other things, Latin texts which far predate the “easy-out” origin explanation above. And we are all mindful of where Latin originated from and who used/uses that language.

The word comes from an earlier Latin version votum, or voti.

noun declension: 2nd declension gender: neuter


prayer/wish; votive offering vow, pledge, religious undertaking/promise

Age: In use throughout the ages/unknown
Area: All or none
Geography: All or none

a form of voveō ‎(“I vow”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁wogʷʰ-. Cognate
with Ancient Greek εὔχομαι ‎(eúkhomai, “to vow”). Doublet of vow.

So in this age of mass-media-hype-propaganda-BS, we can clearly see what we are being led into here is a religious option, and not a political one.

The questions one has to ask are – (a) what religious function are we actually performing; (b) what obscure cult religion is this function being performed for; and (c) if someone in this obscure cult religion has already made up their minds as to who will be selected, then why the hell do I even need to participate?

My singular answer to these questions at this time is:

“Sorry, I will not be offering any religious pledges, offerings or promises at this time – so I ain’t getting out to “vote” for none of your current selection of potential “sacrificial scape-goats.”

And this is coming from someone who actually used to believe in this system. Boy, did I have a rude awakening.

I hope yours is less painful.



Ok, first off – this is regarding national/global “selections”.

You got no say, you never had no say, and never will – so the “old” ancient whiny argument that if you don’t vote you can’t complain is as vapor ridden as anything there is.

I live on this planet as well and I can damn well “complain” just as vehemently as anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Now as far as local/state “selections” are concerned – THAT is where I live and I support those “selections” because THAT is home – that is where I live. I am responsible for THAT place and THAT place is responsible for upholding OUR wishes. IF I ever vote again – local/state “selections” will be where the most power is exerted by an individual.

But as far as the National/Federal/Royal/Global “selections” are concerned – please don’t delude yourself into thinking you have “one vote for one voice”. The Federal government has done nothing FOR me in my excess of 60 years on this planet – it has only done something TO me – and I never voted for those events to be shoved AT me without my consent as a “voter” / “selector”.

If I ever vote Federal again – it will be for the utter removal of it – once and for all.

It does not serve the American people, or our way of life – or the fine folks in other lands whom THEY are bombing the shit out of every day for no other reason than to line THEIR pockets for their own reasons and agendas which have nothing to do with Americans – being American – or living in America.

If we are going to get MEDIEVAL on their asses – I say let the people in America “VOTE” on the EU and UK issues in support of our friends in both those places – AND VISA VERSA.

NOW let’s see how well the “one vote one voice” works, after all.



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