Nat’l Geographic “cartoons” response to ISIS mention in Book of Man


First thing this morning over my first cup of coffee while perusing my Twitter feed, came this little gem from National Geographic Magazine:


Since only just wrapping up the last chapter of the Book of Man ASCENSION for Vimeo, and briefly covering the inclusion of ISIS “looting” antiquities (and I use the word “looting” very “loosely”), I find it sort of strange that one week later this is covered like a comic book story by one of the largest historical magazines on earth.

The full article “appears in the June 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine” and can be viewed here:

The interesting part here, is that with the photography network globally that NatGeo enlists, why would they go to the depths of making a comic-book-type “story” about a not-very-comic-book-story?

Especially involving the destruction of priceless antiquities which belong to the human race as a whole, and for which there are some people who spend their lives working such archeological sites.

I am sure NatGeo could pull a few choice images out of the government/media circuit and do a full expose’ – if they so desired.

To even mention this interesting coincidence might seem a reach to some, but I suppose for some – coincidence is coincidence.

Just one quick word to NatGeo:

Directed, isolated and dedicated destruction of specifically these antiquities is not “looting”. And the cover story and treatment of it goes a long way to show either a lack of integrity, or a purposeful and weak covering up of the actual motives and information.

Either this story is a scripted playbook issue from the government, or someone at NatGeo just needed their nephew to get a paycheck this week.

[…shakes head, full facepalm, on to the next cup of coffee…]


Brian O



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Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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2 Responses to Nat’l Geographic “cartoons” response to ISIS mention in Book of Man

  1. I remember reading that the Khazarian jews were originally from the Saudi peninsula & were kicked out of there for consistently raiding caravans. The historical artifacts decimated were supposed to be the ancient evidence of their history they don’t want anyone to know.


    • Brian Onley says:

      Excellent point, cyntelcentral. There may be considerable validity to that storyline – though one would not find it in this caricature. Thanks for the input my friend – now I will begin delving into that trace with considerable determination. Cheers


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