Chapter 2 is Finished


The finals are done, the film is in the can (so to speak).

Unfortunately, there is a teeny tiny issue……

VIMEO has decided that we are to have a 500 MB restriction on weekly uploads. This particular chapter comes in at 1.11 GIGABYTES.  Therefore, they will not accept it. 😦

It doesn’t matter that the monthly rate is 2 GB, it is the weekly that prevents this from happening.

So I have to tell all you my freinds, thar over the last 48 hours (without sleep BTW) I have tried to reduce the video compression to acceptable limits.

Again unfotunately, the results turn out to be no better than very bad UFO videos on Youtube.

I refuse to succumb to that, and I also refuse to present this product to you in that format. You deserve better, we all deserve much much better.

I just finished watching a replay edit of the final and I am very happy about the results, so it is with some sadness I have to come here and tell all of you that I will NOT upload this project any further under these rules or restrictions. Welcome to earth.

So now I HAVE to go there (and this was not planned by any means).

I must ask for DONATIONS to upgrade the account. I do not expect anyone to contribute to get the book published – that I will deal with on my own.

But now I must ask the light and earth workers here and now for help in this project.

It will require $60 US to upgrade the account on VIMEO to continue. If only 60 people will contribute $1 US, we can continue.

I have reached the bottom of the abyss. The last compilation of this story caused me to have to work 21 hours nonstop in order to finish on time – and I made it as scheduled.

I always perform according to schedule.

So from the bottom of my heart, I so very humbly ask for some help. Not for me, not for one person, but for everyone.

And I have to say, this is a game changer. What you will learn in this chapter far away surpasses anything you have ever seen, heard, or learned.

Please help.

There is a donation button on this page. It is not for me, it is for the project.

Sorry, and thanks.

Welcome to earth.

Cheers to all.

Brian O


About Brian Onley

Author, "The Book of Man" and "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and former Executive Producer Project Camelot TV Network YouTube Denver, CO
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