COREY GOODE: What is going on?

I’m not sayin’ he’s not an alien, but he’s not an alien.

Since discovering years ago (before many of you were even born) that good information is where you find it – that recently (in earth time/space) that sometimes the information is muddied with personal opinion, social incongruencies, misnomers, even some fabrication, that the information within itself still requires YOU to chomp through the chaff to get to the meat, so to speak.

We could go over a whole litany of “folks” who have “suspicious information”:

Billy Mier
Nancy Lieder
David Wilcock
George Noory
Dr. Steven Greer

I could go on for PAGES.

But here’s the thing …


(Repeat that like 10,000 times, it’s important).

Information comes from where you find it. Each person is only given a PIECE of the puzzle. There are no more masters. There are no more “I got it all”.

There is NO ONE ANSWER to the entire puzzle of this fu#&ed up planet we live on.

Not me, not you, and maybe not even the both of us together.


Is he for real? Is he valid? Can you prove him wrong? Can you prove him right?

You better start answering some hard, hard questions.

For the time time being, I personally am not entirely on board with Mister Goode. BUT, at the same time I will still listen to what he has to say just in case he releases a PIECE of information that I do not currently have.

THEN, it is up to me to go back through the litany of other information to cross verify, validate, or refute.

I would highly suggest you do the same.

In the end, is he a fraud?

I don’t care.

My question is: “Whatcha’ got buddy?”

After all, if you throw out the baby with the bathwater, then you got one seriously empty tub my friends.

I am trying to fill my “tub”.

Cheers mateys

Brian O


About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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4 Responses to COREY GOODE: What is going on?

  1. Di says:

    Hi Brian, I’m thinking on the same lines! But then I found Lou Baldins books, AMAZING and they make so much sense! He’s worth looking at if you have the mind for it.

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  2. Brian Onley says:

    Thx Di, will have a look. Cheers

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  3. I’m w/ you Brian, & have been doing the same since I started 6 yrs. ago. Having been down a lot of tunnels w/no cheese, I am a little wiser. I have been able to synthesize a few 1st person experiences (my preferred source of truth) by realizing that people call the same things by different names.

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  4. Spiral says:

    The guy is a complete fraud, he is making it up as he goes along, but he has obviously read a great deal on the subject & a lot of what he parrots come from other frauds who’s BS stories have become part of the internet tapestry of fantasy taken as fact on this broad subject.

    He has been caught admitting he is “on the payroll” on a skype convo with another “make it up” guy who goes by the name of “the ruiner”.


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