Exhibit 2 almost complete

Up front I would like to apologize for the serious delay in getting this next chapter up.

There were a few technical issues with the production work which unfortauntely halted the entire thing.

02 man_drinking_at_bar

There was also some new information which came to light during the production which has caused me to completely rewrite this chapter, so this too started a redo of the production. I stated in the Postscript from the original series that new information would be an issue, but that it MUST be included.

As soon as the End credits go into production, I will return here with a short video announcement of the release date.

Again my sincere apologies and thank you for your patience; we will pick this back up as soon as possible.

Cheers my friends.

Brian O


About Brian Onley

Author, "The Book of Man" and "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and former Executive Producer Project Camelot TV Network YouTube Denver, CO
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