Exhibit 1: The Book of Man ASCENSION Available


The first full Chapter and second episode of the new book, highlighting the stories passed down throughout the ages and across hundreds of combined races and civilizations.

Available FREE on Vimeo.



I will also have an interview with Trinity on Revolution Radio on Sunday, Feb 21st.

Esoteric Truth Radio on Revolution Radio Freedomslips.com

10-12pm EST


Release dates of future chapters/episodes as they become available.

See artist pages for further information

Andrew Seistrup

Jaimie Evans

Kai Engel

Tom Fahy

Cheers – Brian O


About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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1 Response to Exhibit 1: The Book of Man ASCENSION Available

  1. Barbara Threecrow says:

    enjoying your disclosure episodes – as someone who has been looking at all the pieces to the great puzzle myself, and as mind boggling as it is, I’ve managed to put a few together – still I have many questions – I did listen to your interview on rev. radio – and mention of Big Foot – and if I may offer; my own inner-standing of their capabilities is that they are inter-dimensional – easily able to disappear – when threatened – as are the Little People: I am Metis (first nations) and adopted Lakota, we as many cultures throughout the world are very familiar w/ these beings – the Wichopi Oyate; the Little People who are found throughout the world in ancient and present history. I’ve had my own experience with these beings and others of the unseen world. Also, the history of the cosmic wars that you have outlined in “the story of man” and of which I know as factual, not mythical, leads me to realize that at this time-line as the situation seems to be indicating that we here on earth may well be heading for a nuclear war as once had taken place in the cosmos. I suspect that the Draconians are at work here on earth- I do know of the allies of humanity – certain ET’s who are attempting to awaken humanity to the seriousness of the possibility of the destruction of earth – or at least a greater number of the population – I believe history repeats itself. I have known that the pyramids and other monolithic sites where built with direct information from Star people -note: “using frequencies to levitate monolithic stones” also their significance and placement upon the earth’s lei lines – speaks volumes’ re: activation of the element’s frequencies within the stone plus the geometric shapes (sacred geometry” and the ancient knowledge of upholding the life force of the mother earth through activation of frequencies of place “Telluric points” upon what we refer to as: the sacred web, or lei lines, or grid. As it has been documented that the great majority if not all of these monolithic sites had been placed upon high points of energy throughout the world. Even today there are those of first nations people, the Kogi for instance, who continue to follow ancient guidance from the star people and activate these points along the grid. I look forward to your upcoming shows. thank you, most sincerely, Barbara Threecrow

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