Journeys with Rebecca: Interview with Brian O, author of The Book of Man

Journeys with Rebecca: Brian O, author of The Book of Man

by Project Camelot TV Network

Hosted by Rebecca Jernigan

November 11th, 2015, at 8 PM Eastern/5PM Pacific US

The Book of Man: Completed in 2009-10, was the culmination and collation of all of the information collected throughout the previous 40+ years. The storyline follows existing records, told in third person and starts millions of years ago and far away from this planet.

Though some may find these stories almost science fiction in nature, it is supported by scientific facts and tied together with historical precedents. Technically, the book is not science fiction, but rather an historical record – one that has not been put together or told in one sequence ever before.

It is truly the first of its kind anywhere and as such stands alone in the world of alternative information.

The Book of Man: Ascension: Part two of the first book (currently in production at this time) picks up where the first book ends, and continues the storyline up to the present day. It will cover a lot of known and some unknown historical knowledge about this planet, the human species, what is going on here, why it is going on, and where this path is leading to.

Production of the film series will be delivered one chapter at a time as the book is written, and is expected to have the first “chapter” delivered before the end of 2015.

The Book of Man on Vimeo (the actual series presentation)

The Book of Man Blog

Brian O on Vimeo

Brian O on YouTube

Brian O on Twitter


Brian O


About Brian O

Author of "The Book of Man", "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and the coming Founders series on Vimeo and print.
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