Book Two underway

Book Two

The Book of Man:  Enigmata


“Collapsing Time”
by Dexter Britain
Attribution non-commercial sharealike

The second book of the set has been started and will prove to be something of an “eye-opener” in terms of where this story is heading and what we all will discover as to the true nature of the ultimate secret laid out at the close of the first book.

Research compilation has begun and I suspect the outline will be completed very shortly.

Once that is done, the book should take form rather quickly as this story just flows on its own.

All the pieces are in place. This will prove to be quite an exciting ride, my friends. 🙂

Brian O


About Brian Onley

Author, "The Book of Man" and "The Book of Man ASCENSION", and former Executive Producer Project Camelot TV Network YouTube Denver, CO
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One Response to Book Two underway

  1. Tadeusz Raczkowski says:

    Looking forward the the next installment. I’ve introduced several people to this series and they are just as mesmerized as I was and still am. There are so many heartbreaking moments that really reduced me to tears. Truly awe inspiring. I hope that in my lifetime we can be united with our brethren in the stars.

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